160 chineese 38 Malaysian 4 americans 5 indians air staff 12 people


Taliban spokesmann Shahidulah Shahid has said that Talibans are ready to talk with Govt, and govt clear their position wether they want talking or operation.

Here Pakistani PM nawaz Sharif in his party meeting has decided to start talking with Talibans.

After the b0mbarment of pak army in Mir Ali pak army spokesman said 33 uzbeks and 3 germans als0 were killed bel0ng to TTP.
After thz activity TTP increased the speed of blasts in Pakistan.
Pak govt is under pressure that should be talk to taliban or start a big army operati0n in tribal areas.
Govt want to talk with some Taliban groups but after the bad situati0n and increasing of the blasts have pressurize govt to start a operati0n in tribal areas.